Chocolate Fest 2017 is coming!

The 4th Annual Ballston Spa Chocolate Festival is coming up on First Friday, February 3rd, 2017 from 6-9pm. Below is all the info about the event for businesses and those interested in being a Chocolate Chef in the festival.

What is Chocolate Fest?
As part of our monthly First Friday Events, we will continue to present our February family fun event – the Ballston Spa Chocolate Festival. Area restaurants, bakeries, and chefs are all welcome to compete in a chance to showcase their talents and tastes by preparing small sample sized chocolate offerings to be judged by a panel as well as fan favorite recognition. Each visitor pays $1 for the sample and will vote on their favorites in 3 categories. Come be a part of the fun!
The Chocolate Competition
This year the competition is open to restaurants, bakeries, chefs and those working in commercial kitchens. Competitors (Chocolate Chefs) may enter in 3 judged categories: desserts (sweet), savory and chocolate beverage. Chocolate Chefs may enter as many of the three categories as they like but only one dish per category. All samples will cost $1 each to festival visitors to help with the cost of producing the food for the chocolate Chefs. The public can then fill out the ballots available at all of the tasting stations, or Sweet Spots. In order for the ballot to be counted in the final judging, people will need to visit and rate at least 5 different samples. There will be at least one award for each category.
If You are BSBPA Member Business with a Store Front within the Village
Please let us know if you would like to participate by:
• Hosting a Chocolate Chef to present their tasting
• Entering the competition yourself as a Chocolate Chef operating in a commercial kitchen
• Having a chocolate themed First Friday event posting such as an art opening or special sale
Want to Participate but Concerned About Space?
We know not everyone has enough space in their business to host, so we are encouraging everyone who can host to do so, but if you can’t host a chef, please work within the theme of chocolate by decorating, displaying artwork, or having music that is chocolate or Valentine inspired. We want as many businesses to participate as possible! Feel free to contact us if you need assistance.
If You are a Restaurant or Caterer and Would Like to Participate as Chocolate Chef
Please let us know which of the three ways you would like to participate:
1. You have a restaurant and will host your food at your own location
2. You would like to have your food hosted in a village business.
3. Both
Chocolate Chefs
Please let us know which of the three categories (you can enter as many as you like) you would like to participate in.
1. Chocolate Dessert (Sweet)
2. Savory Chocolate Dish
3. Chocolate Beverage
If you would like to sponsor this event, participate, or have any questions, please contact us at

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