2017 Ballston Spa Map Guide & Visitors Guide-Get on the Map!

One of our greatest marketing tools, not only for the tourist season, but throughout the year for new and current residents in the area, is the Ballston Spa Map Guide, which has proven to be successful attracting visitors to our village and to advertising businesses. This is an ideal opportunity for new and returning members to get their business “on the map”!  We Love Ballston Spa, and what better way to showcase our wonderfully vibrant village’s shops, restaurants and services than with our map and visitor’s guide.  All BSBPA businesses and non-profit members in good standing will be listed in the directory, along with our 2017 Schedule of Events. We will print ten thousand (10,000) copies to be placed in high traffic areas including Albany International Airport, area Amtrak stations, the Saratoga Visitors Center and Urban Cultural Center, Northway Exit 9 rest stop, Proctor’s Theater, as well as chambers of commerce, hotels, motels and shops around the region.  The directory boards throughout the village are stocked with the map guides throughout the year. The Map Guide also has been used by local real estate companies for relocation packets. 

 Advertising space is now available, from $139-$299.   Ads are on a first come, first serve basis. 

Please note that all ads must be camera ready—we do not design ads for the guide. If you require this service, we encourage you to refer to our website for a list of BSBPA member graphic designers. If you had an ad in the previous Map Guide that you would like to re-use, it will already be on file–just let us know. Remember, your BSBPA member dues need to be current in order to take advantage of this opportunity. Your promptness with ad payment is greatly appreciated.

For more information or to submit your ad, please contact Stacy Simmons, stacy@ballston.org or Ellen 885-2772 or info@ballston.org.

For your convenience, Map Guide ad payments can be made HERE.


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