Thanksgiving Bag Ministry – Thank You

Here is an account of the very successful Thanksgiving Bag Ministry 2018. Thank you all for your contributions!

On Sunday collection day before church service was even over, our chapel tables were loaded above and below with food bags filled and brought in by congregations of the local churches. It was somewhat overwhelming. Then the volunteers set to work going through each bag to make sure there were adequate supplies of food. If items were missing, they made a record of that so we could shop for them. If some bags were full and had extras, they were marked XL to give to large families. By 1:00 all those bags and the many more incoming bags were evaluated and guess what? We were only short 12 bags! Then it happened – about 15 of the Hunter girls’ soccer team enthusiastically graced the room with around 6 adults AND bags of food. So many that we couldn’t even count them. We now had supplies for approximately 140 people. The turkey truck was loaded with 85 birds. There were 69 gift cards for local markets. You would think that would be enough, right? Hold on.

Monday morning 6 men from the Lions Club arrived with 20 boxes chocked full of food supplies and turkeys. Meanwhile 250 Stewart’s milk cards arrived. Hannaford had donated 108 jugs of juice. Monday afternoon from 3-6, 120 people came to pick up bags of Thanksgiving food and a turkey or gift card, milk cards and juice bottles. 6 Odyssey of the Mind young people and 2 people from other churches came to help us.

11 people didn’t come even though they had signed up for bags. So on Tuesday, we organized the missing, called them and made arrangements to deliver them or have them pick up at church. All were truly grateful, and we are grateful to your church for their generous contributions.

Bev Davis
First Presbyterian Church Mission Team

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