Trash Can Panels

The BSBPA and the Village of Ballston Spa have been purchasing 60-gallon plastic trash receptacles to replace old and failing wood units in the business district. This style receptacle is used in many stadiums, airports, universities and small towns and we have used them for several years with great success. As you can see by looking at some of the units around town, not only are they attractive and durable, but they offer our members the opportunity for sidewalk advertising, much like a sandwich board, or advertising in a location away from their business to attract or direct people to their establishment. For some businesses, these trash receptacles can be used in place of traditional sandwich boards that normally are put out each day and brought in each night. In some areas, this will free up valuable sidewalk space while still allowing businesses to advertise to the street and pedestrian traffic.

Note: You do not need to be a business located within the Downtown Village to advertise successfully on the trash receptacles.  Panels are also a good way to bring attention to non-profit and community organizations.

Pricing: There will be a one-time charge of $125.00 to secure a spot on a receptacle and to have the art work you supply for your ad produced. We can provide the specs for panel artwork for you or your designer to use.  T-Shirt Graphics, who produces our panels, can also provide design services, should you need them, which you would be billed separately for. Each year, you will be billed a $25.00 maintenance fee with your annual dues that will cover replacement in case of any damage to that receptacle or your ad display. If you choose to change or update the artwork for your ad after the initial printing, there will be a $50.00 fee for the new artwork.

We will do our best to accommodate requests for placement of your boards on requested trash receptacles, but locations will be on a first come, first serve basis. If a business does request a location outside of another business member’s storefront, the storefront business will have right of first refusal for that location.

As with the current trash receptacles, the Village DPW will empty them weekly or when they become filled and provide the plastic bags and winter storage. Our receptacles are traditionally placed out in May and taken in after the Holiday Parade in December, so as not to interfere with snow removal.

To begin the process of ordering a trash can panel, please contact Lisa McCoy, or Ellen at the BSBPA office, info@ballston.orgOnline payment for new panels available.

Help keep the Village clean by advertising on the panel of a trash receptacle. Show the community and visitors that you support creating a pleasant environment!

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