Ballston Spa Holiday Display Community Art Project 2019

Ballston Spa Holiday Display Program 2019

Once again, the Village of Ballston Spa and artist Mark Blech present a Holiday Community Art Project.

Thank you all for taking part in the 2019 Holiday display for Ballston Spa. Last year was a great success—everything from the banners to the posters to the tree ornaments looked incredible—and this year will be even more spectacular with your help.

The 2019 Holiday Program is made possible by the generous donations of:


Here are the directions for the 2019 program:

1. Banners…If you are working on a banner, remember they’re double sided, so paint both sides. And you must paint the whole banner. NO WHITE AREA SHOULD BE LEFT UNPAINTED. That includes the top and bottom sleeves: Paint it all. Make it festive. Make it special. ONLY USE THE PAINT WE PROVIDE OR ACRYLIC OR OIL PAINTS. Watercolor paints will wash off in a rain. Use glitter too. If you want to use glitter, use a heavy water-resistant glue on the base. Personalize the banners. Put your group name on it. Tell everyone who you are. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET THE BANNERS BACK TO THE BALLSTON SPA LIBRARY BY NOVEMBER 5. Remember the holiday decor goes up in mid-November and we need time to organize.

2. New for this year…Instead of ornaments this year, we are having everyone paint their self-portrait. Use the provided paper, it’s the correct size. The self-portraits will be printed onto a long ribbon that will wrap around the holiday tree like garland. Be creative but please no words or text and no single photographs. Use: paint, pencil, watercolors, crayons, a collage of digital imagery, etc.—be creative! JUST REMEMBER WE ARE SCANNING THESE IMAGES, SO NO OBJECTS CAN BE GLUED ONTO THE SURFACE. NO GLITTER HERE PLEASE. These self-portraits need not be holiday themed. This is your self-portrait and the banner will be a representation of the friendly faces of our community. Please put your name and club on the back of the self-portrait and we will return the original to you. AGAIN, PLEASE, BECAUSE THESE NEED TO BE SCANNED AND PRINTED, PLEASE RETURN THESE TO THE BALLSTON SPA PUBLIC LIBRARY BY TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22. IF THEY COME IN LATE, THEY WILL NOT BE INCLUDED AS PART OF THE HOLIDAY DISPLAY. THIS IS A HARD DATE.

3. A Poster Painting/Drawing Contest…Find 2019 posters printed with this year’s holiday-themed design at the Ballston Spa Public Library. Use any media to decorate these posters. All posters will be displayed inside throughout the village. The final designs will be judged by Mayor Larry Woolbright. Winners will receive a special holiday-themed prize. Please remember to put your name on the back of the poster. Be creative, be imaginative. Please return the completed posters to the library by NOVEMBER 5 for judging.

All supplies can be picked up through your organization or at

Ballston Spa Public Library, 21 Milton Avenue.

For more information or any questions, please contact Mark Blech at  518 742-6355.


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