Save Brookside

The Saratoga County Historical Society/Brookside Museum has begun a campaign to reorganize and prevent the potential closure of the museum. Two local organizations have agreed to provide initial partial funding to keep Brookside’s doors open during this period of change. Local history, group the Saratoga County Area History Roundtable, has also begun a joint fundraising campaign with SCHS/Brookside Museum to draw attention to the danger of the loss of this important community resource.
These three groups have allowed SCHS/Brookside to temporarily open while we being the process of restructuring for a sustainable future. A grass roots “Save Brookside” campaign has begun in order to fill the rest of the budget shortfall for the rest of this year and into next year with a goal of raising $100,000 by March of 2020. Without this support the museum is in real danger of having to close, depriving the community of all of the benefits that SCHS/Brookside Museum brings.
In our National Registry 1792 Brookside Museum building we teach more than 4,000 school children each year. Over the past 40 years we have fascinated another 50,000 children and parents with the Sheep to Shawl program. Our collection of 30,000 items covers three centuries of Saratoga County History. The Irena Wooten Research Room holds a unique and unparalleled research library for local history.

Donations can be made through the SCHS/Brookside Museum website, Network For Good (, and on our Facebook Page.

Contact: Ervin Murray, President, Board of Trustees

K. Michelle Arthur, Ph.D. Executive Director

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