Directory Boards

There are 5 directory boards located throughout the village of Ballston Spa (Wiswall Park/Front Street, Milton Avenue/O’Brien’s Pharmacy building, Malta Avenue, Milton Avenue and Washington Street/Midtown Wine building and Milton Avenue and Prospect Street).

The directory boards take advantage of Ballston Spa’s “strolling village” vibe.  These boards attract the attention of people using the public parking areas, walking in the business district, and traveling through the village. Residents and visitors rely on these directory boards to identify what businesses are available to shop at, what services are available, and to find places to eat.  The boards also have receptacles that hold the Ballston Spa Map & Visitor Guides.   

Pricing: To have your business sign listed on a directory board or boards, there is just a onetime charge of $35.00 to produce your sign (per board) and then a $10 annual maintenance fee that will be billed with your dues each year after that. Businesses can have a specific font and logo for their sign(s).

Sign space on some boards is limited and will be available on a first come, first serve basis. We will do our best to accommodate requests for placement on specific boards.

To begin the process of ordering a directory board sign, please contact  Ellen at the BSBPA office,

Online payment option for new signs is available.


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