Front Street-Outdoor Dining and Shopping

Announcement from the Village of Ballston Spa:


On Monday June 8 the Village Board approved the temporary closing of Front Street between Bath Street and Low Street in order to allow Village businesses in that block to expand their operations across the sidewalk and into the parking spaces on the edges of Front Street. This is especially important for our restaurants which will be limited to the number of tables they can have inside, however other businesses are welcome to expand outside if they wish. We also waived minimum parking space regulations for restaurants with their own parking lots so that owners can decide to place tables there if they wish.

The closing will take place between the hours of 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings starting on Thursday, June 18, and continuing weekly until either COVID-19 restrictions are lifted or the Board modifies or ends the plan.

The street closing will mean that traffic on Front Street from Route 50 to Low Street will be one-way only during these times, with all traffic coming from Route 50 required to turn left and exit by Low Street.

To make up for the parking spaces lost by this street closing, the Village has reached an agreement with EOC for their two parking lots on Front Street west of Bath Street to be open for public parking after 5:00 PM. We have also requested permission to use the County Lots on West High Street after 5:00 PM and we expect a decision by the County Board on Tuesday, June 16.

Please join us in supporting our downtown businesses as they struggle to recover from their recent forced closures. Also please help spread the word of this street closing and change in traffic flow. We would appreciate it if businesses would post this notice and the accompanying map in their front windows.

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