Health Questionnaire

Throughout the summer, the BSBPA presents outdoor public events and this year, we are pleased to be able to have a closer to normal season.  However, with new COVID guidance regarding those who are vaccinated and unvaccinated, we still want to be sure that we are being responsible to the public and to the vendors and musicians who take part, as well as adhere to the safety plan we have submitted to the Village of Ballston  Spa.

To that end, we are asking all Farmers’ Market vendors and musicians who will be performing at the market, as well as Concert in the Park performers and volunteer vendors at the Movies in the Park, to complete and submit the health questionnaire below.  In the case of market vendors and helpers, if you are fully vaccinated, you will only have to fill in and submit the form once.  For those vendors who are unvaccinated (or only partially vaccinated and still awaiting a second shot), we ask that you continue to submit the form each week until and unless you do become fully vaccinated and can indicate as such on the form.  Because we won’t be able to monitor customers and event audiences, this is for both your safety and theirs.

We are going by the honor system and do not require documentation of vaccination.  Please be assured that the form requires minimal personal information and that all forms are kept confidential and deleted at the end of the season.  We really do appreciate your understanding.  Please refer any questions to Ellen at the BSBPA office,

Health Questionnaire

The following health form has been created to help monitor non-COVID 19 vaccinated participants in BSBPA events, such as farmers' market vendors, performers and others for their own health and that of other potential unvaccinated attendees to events.
    If fully vaccinated, proceed to Certification.

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