20th Annual “The Way We Were” Car Show Vendor Information

We are very excited for this year’s 20th Anniversary Show! 

Past years have seen this event attract over 400 registered cars and hundreds of spectators to our Village. There will be live music throughout the day along with all the other car show related activities. We will again have a dedicated “Kids Zone” that will include opportunities for vendors to promote and showcase their products and services to families. We are encouraging all Village businesses to be open and to participate!


The vendor cost for a 10’x10’ show spot is $35 for current BSBPA members and $75 for non-members.  A 10’x 20’ spot is $60 or members and $125 for non-members. Please visit www.ballson.org for membership inquiries and join today! There will be no charge for vendors already sponsoring this event.

 The BSBPA is always looking to promote our members and community groups whenever possible at this and all our events.  If any of our food service businesses would like to set up along the show route or in front of their establishment, please contact us as soon as possible so we may reserve a space for you. Vendors will be placed along the show route in areas where food is needed. Unfortunately, we will not be able to take any requests for specific vendor locations. If you plan on setting up in front of your business or as a vendor, we will need to see your menu before assigning your spot so that we do not have similar menu offerings next to each other and we ask that the menu you submit does not change on the day of the show as we are trying to ensure a successful event for all our vendors.  We ask that vendors be in place no later than 7:30 am, as car show participants start arriving with their vehicles shortly afterwards.

Prospective vendors should contact Dan Barner for available vendor space by email dan@prolificmarketing.org or phone 518-309-3047.

If you are a sponsor or a BSBPA member and would like to set a booth up at the show, we will need to hear from you as soon as possible to assign you a spot. Even if you have participated in the show previously, we need to hear from you that you want to participate again this year.

The BSBPA information table will be set up that day in Wiswall Park and staffed with volunteers. This is a perfect place to put information regarding your organization, business and services. If you have any type of promotional items you would like us to include in the car show goodie bags, please get them to us by September 30. These bags will be handed out to the first 200 registered vehicles and will be another great way to promote your business. You do not need to provide that number of items; we appreciate whatever amount you can manage.  To arrange for pick up of items for goodie bags or BSBPA table, please contact Dan Barner at dan@prolificmarketing.org or call 518-309-3047.

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