April News from the National Bottle Museum


Open Call Young Artists’ Show


Over the last ten years or more we have hosted the Senior Portfolio Art Class Show from Galway CSD. It’s been a great collaboration but their needs have changed and they will not be showing with us this year. That doesn’t mean that we won’t be showcasing young artists this year. As many who appreciate art in the region surely know, it’s not hard to see that spring is the time for shows that highlight young artistic talent. The National Bottle Museum will continue to participate in that tradition. 


This is an open call for all artists, 18 years old and younger, to show us what you create. We want young “artists” to show us their creativity. Whether it’s stacking blocks or abstract paintings, finger paintings or fashion, you bring it, we’ll display it. There are no restrictions to what you give us or how its presented. This show will be on display from May, 6 thru May, 22. Art and displays may be priced for sale or NFS. 


Entry Deadline: April 29, 2023

Show Dates: May 6 thru May 22

Art Drop Off: April 19 thru April 29 10-4

Entry fee: $15 per artist

Commission on sales: 15%

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